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cheap Adobe Photoshop Elements 6 by | Jun 8, 2017

watch Many Christians find themselves living in the gap between standing for truth and demonstrating grace, but the result can often be self-righteousness disguised as truth or indifferent tolerance disguised as grace. So, what is the bridge that enables us to travel from...

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Living in the days of terror

see by | May 24, 2017

follow url The Guardian newspaper’s headline this week of “Young lives stolen by terror” gives us a stark reminder that the days we live in are truly dark ones. However, we cannot judge these days as being unusual. I grew up (as many did) with the constant threat of what was...

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Church Planting part 1

by | May 16, 2017

As I have previously mentioned, a few years ago I wrote a lengthy paper on church planting. Over the next few weeks I am going to publish extracts from that paper here. I hope you find them helpful. Part 1 In an age of helpful tips on doing anything from paper folding...

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What always precedes How

Some years ago, whilst happily living in Swindon and quite content to serve Swindon Family Church (now known as Gateway Church Swindon) for the foreseeable future, I took a short sabbatical for the purpose of writing what became a lengthy 110 page paper entitled...

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The Chapel update

I am sure that many people have gone through that tough period of time when it seems impossible to move ahead with your vision. Weeks can turn to months and months to years when circumstances don’t permit you to be proactive. It can at times be discouraging to...

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Poem – Easter Sunday

Carrying spices at the dawn of the day, Eyes full of tears, dragging their feet on the way. Slowly they ambled towards the grave, Forgotten the hope the last three years gave. They called him Messiah, thought he was the one, But the Jews and Gentiles together had won....

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Poem – Good Friday

What's so good about today? My Lord's been captured and our friends ran away. They've taken him off to the High Priest's court Many false witnesses and accusations they've brought. It's not looking good he's passed all around From priest to king hoping fault would be...

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