I wonder what would happen if every Christ-follower considered corporate prayer as a non-negotiable activity. What kind of kingdom gains would be made if each of us made pressing into God together a priority? I believe hearts would soften, habits would shift, faith would expand, love for the poor would increase, the lost would come to Christ and an insatiable hunger for the presence of God would increase among us.
We want to encourage everyone to engage together in corporate prayer, fully placing our hope in Gods transforming power.
“Prayer is the slender nerve that moves the muscle of omnipotence” C. H. Spurgeon

Prayer meetings 2019


– Every Sunday 09:40-10:00 (Starting Sunday 5th May)
– Thursday 2nd May 19:30
– Saturday 18th May 08:30
– Thursday 30th May 19:30
– Saturday 22nd June 08:30
– Thursday 11th July 19:30
– Saturday 27th July 08:30
– Thursday 8th August 19:30
– Saturday 24th August 08:30
– Thursday 12 September 19:30
– Saturday 28th September 08:30
– Thursday 10th October 19:30
– Saturday 26th October 08:30
– Thursday 14th November 19:30
– Saturday 30th November 08:30
– Thursday 12th December 19:30