Gifts of the Spirit workshops

The church is called to make a great impact on our generation today and one of the keys to doing this is that we learn how to operate in the Gifts of the Holy Spirit. Without a doubt, Jesus and the first disciples, used the gifts like a bell, calling men to their message and confirming that God was truly the One speaking through them.

Hebrews 2:3-4 says; ‘ How shall we escape if we neglect such a great salvation? It was declared at first by the Lord, and it was attested to us by those who heard, while God also bore witness by signs and wonders and various miracles and by gifts of the Holy Spirit distributed according to his will’.

Over the 30 plus years of being a Christian, the Lord has used the gifts of the Holy Spirit mightily in my life and ministry to confirm His Word, to see miraculous breakthroughs in people’s lives, dramatic healings and prophetic words that have shaped both individual lives and churches. I have seen many victories by the grace of God in this area and have also made many mistakes. I want to use these sessions to share with you the lessons I have learned and to create a platform of confidence and boldness in your lives to explore further these great gifts of God that are so essential to living a powerful kingdom lifestyle.

These sessions are not designed to be a complete ‘ABC’ of the Gifts of the Holy Spirit but I hope they will serve to help you explore further the supernatural dimension of our faith in Jesus Christ. Each session will be in a workshop format with information, stories of God’s breakthroughs and a chance for you to use what God has destined for you to use.

Gifts of the Spirit workshops

Hearing from God – Sunday 18th February 7:30pm

Understanding and translating the heart of God for His people and this world is not the domain of a few, but should be the experience of the entire church. We are to be a prophetic community always proclaiming to one another God’s love and acceptance of us. In this first session we will seek to understand how to hear the voice of God, the ability to feel what He feels, to see what He sees and to know what He knows so as to do what He wants us to do.

Prophesy – Sunday 25th February 7:30pm

The Bible says all believers can have the gift of prophecy and some function in the office of a prophet with a strong revelatory gift. Prophecy is given to build up, strengthen and encourage one another, and we should be passionate to stir up this gift. There are however, definite boundaries, guidelines and ‘do’s and don’ts’ that we should be aware of and definite steps to follow to get us going.

Holy Spirit Impartation and blessing morning – Saturday 17th March 10am-12pm

It is a joy to introduce to you  Paul Barret from Jubilee Church, Croydon. Paul has been used by God mightily to enable a context of Holy Spirit impartation and faith. This will be a key morning of encountering God’s presence.

Tongues & Interpretation/Words of Knowledge – Sunday 8th April 7:30pm

To express ourselves in God’s Kingdom we need a language which goes beyond the limitations of human vocabulary, energising our inner life, speaking out mysteries and more. We will look briefly at the purpose of personal and corporate tongues and how to interpret what is being said. We will also seek to understand how to operate the Word of Knowledge which is a powerful revelation gift to open up a person’s life to receive God’s word and guidance to them

Discerning of Sprits / Words of Wisdom – Sunday 22nd April 7:30pm

In this session we will seek to understand how to discern the activity of malevolent spiritual activity, a revelation which enables us to see the source or root of the problem. This is not a natural discernment (working things out), but a spiritual understanding through which we can get to the root of a problem. We will also look at the key gift of words of wisdom. Words of Knowledge; Prophecy; and Discerning of Spirits all need to be accompanied with a Word of Wisdom so as to know what to do with what we receive.

Faith, Miracles and Healing – Sunday 13th May 7:30pm

In this session we will seek to understand how to live a life of faith that has as its outcome divine breakthroughs, working of miracles and healings. We will discover some of the obstacles to living this way and how to prepare ourselves to grow in these gifts. We will pray for great breakthroughs in one another’s lives.