Permanent post

After more than a year of being on a zero hours contract, Steve Pritchard has been offered a permanent post.

At the Stronger together prayer meeting, there was focused praying for this outcome. Answer to prayer!

Chapel Update

As we pursue various quotations, it is becoming clearer that the possibility of completing Stage 1 which enables us to move into the Chapel by mid-December this year is becoming a reality. Please pray for the provision of further £50k. With the provision of this money we will be able to achieve Stage 1 completion.

Coming Soon

Good Friday Easter Egg give away and Easter Egg Hunt. We could do with a few more volunteers on Good Friday (14th April) to make this event a success. Please speak to Maria Jones if you can help. (07903 950675)

There will be a Good Friday Reflection at St. Stephens 16:00-17:00. Let’s focus our attention of the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ this Easter.


Kelly Gibson was wonderfully healed at a resent meeting. Kelly said “I have for about the last year experienced chronic pain in my feet. From reading about my symptoms, I self-diagnosed it is probably due to Plantar Fasciitis. On Wednesday during Steve’s call for people to come forward for ministry, I stood at the front for several minutes having received prayer. Standing for long periods is usually painful, but this time it was different: there was an intense tingling sensation throughout my feet and legs. I commented to Michele how this unusual feeling was happening, and she suggested maybe God was healing me. I then realised the tingling had subsided, and the pain in my feet was completely gone. Even through prolonged periods of standing afterward, I still remain pain free. Praise God! What a relief!”

Encounter Healing

During the Encounter meeting last Sunday, those who where unwell where prayed for. Dan testified, “God has a sense of humour. I came to Encounter praying for healing thinking maybe God will heal my sore throat and cold. Instead a persistent long term back pain has gone!!!”

Read John & Rosemary Cleverly Master Builders 2017 report.

Noah's Ark

The first term for the new team has come to an end, they have worked very well together and the feed back from those that use this project has been very positive. The end of the term was celebrated by bacon and egg breakfast baps. One of the team decided to come dressed for the occasion, I wonder who that might be?

The Chapel

Great news! Work on the Chapel starts on the 15th May, but before this can be done however, we need to clear the side garden of unwanted foliage. On the 22nd April, a team will don gardening gloves, goggles and hard hats to make this space ready to receive scaffolding

Church Lunch

On a chilly morning the Church gathered for a Soup and roll lunch after the main Sunday morning meeting. It was a great time of warming our stomachs and friendships. Well done Maria and the team for serving us so well.

RB Support

During the recent Regions beyond National Hub meeting held at Gateway Church Swindon, those who were there representing City Church, where supported well by our wider family of churches. There was great faith filled prayer for the next season of our CityChurch adventure.

Chapel Update

Follow the link to read updates on the Chapel building project.



Great Easter Weekend

Someone once said this: “It is one of the most beautiful compensations of this life that no man can sincerely try to help another without helping themselves.”

I was so thrilled to witness the servant-hearted nature of many in the church over the Easter weekend.

To observe people going door-to -door with an Easter egg gift, pounding the streets delivering leaflets, manning craft events during the Easter Party and even putting on crazy outfits to entertain families was a joy to witness.

We had over 60 children attend the Easter Party and it was noted that at least 90% of those who came were as a direct result of our getting into the local community. There was great atmosphere as families came together to enjoy the activities we put on for them. Many of the parents were engaged in good conversation about the church and as a result a number of them attended on Sunday morning including one man who drove past the church building on Sunday and felt a prompting that he had to turn around and come back so as to attend the meeting.

Let me encourage you to pray for increased favour in the community as we seek to pursue God’s mandate to reach out beyond ourselves for the benefit of others.