Our CONNECT:ONLINE platform allows us to stay in touch with one another, reach people who might never have walked through the doors of a church building and connect to those who are isolated. 

Building community where ever we are

It’s more than virtual gaming . It’s an agreeing-in-prayer, it’s a real-life, around-the-world community builder. With Chat, Live Prayer, online video, live online meetings, our Church Online Platform is all about being the church together where ever we are.

Online Sermon Archive

Our sermon audio library is a great resource with many Sunday recordings available to download or listen online.


Worship, the Sunday Sermon, children and youth activity and stories of God at work in peoples lives.


Each Tuesday during the COVID-19 crisis we will bring a video news-update, highlighting the activities for the week plus other updates.


Knowing the truth makes us free, so keeping active in bible study is essential. Each week we will produce a new relevant study.

5 minutes with....

5 minutes with are interviews with various members of CityChurch so as to get an in-depth view of how people are surviving in lockdown.

CONNECT:live-groups/Chat room & Prayer meeting

By using reliable cloud based platforms we will meet through video conferencing, in the comfort of our homes across mobile devices, desktops and laptops.


Using reliable cloud based platforms we can gather to pray, hear God and be led by His Spirit.

Commonly known as Holy Week, we are in the week running up to Good Friday and Easter Sunday. Easter is important because it is the time when we remember Christ’s death and resurrection. It recalls His defeat of sin and death and gives us the promise of hope for the Kingdom of Heaven.  

During this week Mark Ricketts (member of CityChurch) will be presenting the “His Story” Mark is a talented creative writer and has presented the Easter message in a very engaging way. Mark starts with Palm Sunday, follow the link to listen.

Ready to get started?

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