Author – John Cleverly

Master Builders 2017 – We arrived on Monday afternoon to warm sunshine and a lovely cottage we were to share, with a group of 3 others, with 2 next door and another guy next to them.

Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday prayer meetings at church 9- 11 a.m. Worship and prayer time that went very quickly. Approximately 60 or 70 from outside Clarens attended, with more to come over the next couple of days. Ray Lowe recounted the story of Paul’s journey to Rome. And all that happened on the way. The ship wreck shouted at me and I really felt that as a church, we had been there. I was very emotional for some time, but knew that, as God had rescued Paul, so he was rescuing us.

At these prayer meetings, the backdrop on the platform, had different churches in different countries that have joined/are joining or want to join Regions beyond in the near future.

Over those 3 days we prayed or the U.S.A., Malaysia, Phillipines, Middle East, Holland, U.K. Pakistan, India, and very excitedly Israel! All those joining are joining on a friendship basis – not as a religion with rules and regulations, – but friendship and family relationships.

Steve asked us to shout the name of Jesus. We did. His response? “That was pathetic!” Let’s do it again. This time it went on for 3 or4 minutes at least and we were blown away.

There were 2 main speakers. Paul Simpson from Cape Town and Mark Du-Pont from San Diego. Paul focussed mainly on the work in South Africa, particularly with what was happening in the government at the moment.

Mark spoke on Rev.21 and the gates going in to heaven. The pearls that were at the gates were produced by a grain of sand or a parasite in an oyster. Something beautiful had come from A problem! Very encouragingly he said “we will always have problems!!” Jesus had a problem, he was called Judas. There will always be people in churches who are parasites or irritants who will betray or denounce us. BUT God can use those people as a gift in the long run. God allows irritants. All true visions from God will be tested. God himself will test you. Look at the story Abraham about to kill his son because God had told him to. As we grow with God we will be a beautiful gateway into the city of God.

Steve Oliver spoke of being on a journey like Paul and Barnabas. We are on a journey, but like Paul and Barnabas we must make disciples not converts. We are at the start of apostolic expansion, taking the gospel of hope wherever we go. We must identify apostles not managers! It’s a very serious business and we will be tested. Paul never preached and easy gospel. We need the sustaining grace of God (Acts 11 v23). As an aside, Steve said, if the is no grace you are doing your own thing! To the church leaders he said “hold on to your churches very lightly, It’s His church, not yours. Look to God and he will give you growth. Don’t strive, be committed and faithful with what God has given you. Walk in humility.

Mark Du-Pont spoke again on Sunday morning. He spoke about Borders Beyond! (Was this prophetic for us as we look to form the border lands region) We would be crossing closed borders in the days to come.

Mark spoke about God doing new things. We need to live like Jesus did and listen to the Father, forget titles. Though the best anyone can call you is a child of God! Our birth-right is to be led by God. Church needs a new revelation. He wants a prophetic people. Don’t just do your own thing. Check out your vision and then do it as a people group. The wine at the wedding feast was not kept until the “end” it was for “NOW” We are a NOW people. Today is kingdom day. Now is fresh creativity, fresh innovations and a time to invest in the kingdom.

Mark also spoke about the time that blind Bartemaus called out to Jesus, His response was to stop and ask what do you want. Jesus will still stop and ask what do you want when we call out to him. We – Regions Beyond, need fresh visions in the movement, in our churches, in our families, in our lives. God has more for the movement etc. He wants us to enjoy the journey, but stop looking at little streams look at the big rivers! Look for the rivers of blessings. The kingdom of God determines our own well-being. Ask for fresh dreams, then you will have because you asked. It’s part of our birth-right to be led by the spirit of God.

It is time to call out to God, to see his outcomes for His glory