As a family we recently went to Slimbridge Wetlands Centre with a few of our friends. As well as enjoying the beautiful sunshine, the friendly conversations and the amazing variety of the wildlife, there were signs of Spring everywhere. Green shoots on the trees, vivid flowers, ducks and swans incubating their eggs and a few tiny little ducklings swimming cautiously amongst the reeds. The season is definitely changing and the world is bursting with life and colour again.
Around the Wetland Centre the information signs gave insight to the animals there. One which caught my attention said; “Did you know? A duckling’s feathers are not waterproof so the mother duck nestles them under her wing and rubs protective oils on her young to keep them dry.”
It is a time of comfort, protection and provision.
Without wanting to mix up my fowl, I was immediately reminded of the verse in Matt 23 where Jesus says how he desires to shelter us under his wing, just like a mother hen does to her chicks (verse 37).
If we are close enough to Jesus to allow him to shelter us in his loving embrace, it will be a time of great comfort in the struggles we face, protection from the enemy against us and provision for the journey ahead.
There  comes a time as the duckling grows and fledges where its feathers no longer need its mother’s anointing and it produces its own waterproof oil. However, until that time a mother will never remove her gift. For us, we will never be holy enough to attain our own oil, so Jesus eternally sends us his Holy Spirit so that we may never be left helpless.