It’s very busy, it’s an important day,

All preparations are well underway.

The life of a servant is lowly and poor,

Here comes tonight’s guests pushing in through the door.

I gather their cloaks and get ready to work

But something catches my eye, my head gives a jerk.

One of the guests has knelt by the bowl,

picked up the towel, and is taking my role!


One by one he goes though the men,

Unties their sandals and then removes them.

He washes their feet with a grin on his face,

Never before have I seen so much grace.

After twenty four feet have been washed nice and clean,

He gets to his feet, his face now a beam.

A radiance shines and lights up the room,

He says with a smile, “Sit down, we’ll eat soon.”

Round the table they gather and begin the feast,

Lamb, eggs and herbs, bread without yeast.

As tradition requires the drama takes place,

The feet washing servant, still glowing with grace,

Explains to the men what has gone and has been,

But then adds to the story new things he has seen.

He picks up the bread and holds it up high,

Breaks it in half and says with a sigh,

“This is my body broken in two,

Take it and rip it, it’s broken for you.”

A moment’s confusion, then he speaks  some more,

As he holds high the cup, just like before,

“This is not just juice, squeezed from the vine,

It a sign of my blood, for none other than mine,

Can seal the promise which God has for you,

In the forthcoming hours my job I must do.”


He then explains more, but one man slips away,

As the knowledgeable teacher says “One of you will betray,

And one will deny me and count all as lost,

I’ll be tried, found ‘not guilty’ but still handed a cross.

You see, my role’s finally nearing its end,

My last prayer for you, my dear beloved friends,

Is that you’ll be united, you’ll continue as one

Just like I and the Father, His begotten Son,

Joined on a mission which will have ups and downs

But ultimately lead to a glorious crown.

One day, up in heaven, I’ll be feasting anew,

Continue believing and you’ll be there too.”


After singing a song the group left the room,

I know I will hear of this man again soon.

His passion, compassion and faith in his friends,

Fills me with hope that his truth would not end.

Whenever I next eat bread and drink wine

I’m sure I’ll remember this glorious time

When a man, not too proud to clean his friends’ feet,

Left an eternal message of “Come, share and eat”