What’s so good about today?

My Lord’s been captured and our friends ran away.

They’ve taken him off to the High Priest’s court

Many false witnesses and accusations they’ve brought.

It’s not looking good he’s passed all around

From priest to king hoping fault would be found.

But so far no evidence can stand up to their plan

How can they execute an innocent man?


It’s getting worse, really not a good day.

It seems they have managed to find a way.

They threatened the people when questioned to shout

“Crucify Jesus, let Barabas out!”

He’s been beaten and whipped

Humiliated and stripped.

Forced to carry the cross through the city

He stumbles three times but is not shown much pity.

To the hill of the skull they force him to walk,

As they drive in the nails he finally talks,

“Father, forgive them, they’re just playing their part,

This plan was formed in your very heart.”


From bad to much worse, today is not good,

For hours he’s hung there nailed to the wood.

The sky has gone dark as he’s suspended on high,

Slowly but surly he’s going to die.

Throughout his life he cared for others

In death just the same, now he turned to his mother,

“Take John,” he said, “he’s a brother to me,

Take him as your son, you’ll be family”

To me then he said, “Look after her please”

I promised I would, as I fell to my knees.

Grief overwhelmed me as I looked in his face,

I saw mercy, forgiveness, acceptance and grace.


From worse to unthinkable, today is not good,

I comfort his mum as I promised I would.

His body’s brought down then carried away

I don’t understand what has happened today

To the garden we follow as he’s placed in a tomb

As it’s sealed with the stone my heart’s sealed with gloom.


Today was not good, full of suffering and strife,

By far the worst day I’ve had all my life.