Carrying spices at the dawn of the day,

Eyes full of tears, dragging their feet on the way.

Slowly they ambled towards the grave,

Forgotten the hope the last three years gave.

They called him Messiah, thought he was the one,

But the Jews and Gentiles together had won.

Hurriedly placed in a tomb far from home,

Guarded by soldiers and sealed with a stone.

How could they move this great piece of rock?

When they got to the garden they had a huge shock.

Aside was the stone and the guards they had gone,

In their place sat a man whose white clothing shone.

“Why look for the living where the dead men should lie?”

Questioned the messenger sent from on high.

“The grave could not keep him, this wasn’t the end!

Turn back on the road and go tell his friends.

JESUS IS RISEN! His promise was true,

His death ripped the ‘curtain of distance’ in two.

No longer separate a new way has come

To be joined with the God-head together as one.”

From that morning forward, to eternity through,

Heaven was opened for me and for you.

Come in through the cross, accept this new life,

Jesus had already paid the great price.

Just give him your worst, your sin and your shame,

Live life to the full for his glory and fame.